The app that works outside of office

Manage your agency easily wherever you are

  • Open an account for everyone.
  • Use on web or mobile app
  • View and edit events on mobile
  • Everybody get notifications of event updates
  • Share talents' portfolio with the link
  • Access all your files anywhere
  • Update your website through the app


Let all models receive notification of updates and follow the details from the application. Let your team members update events from their own devices. View your events in monthly, weekly, daily and grouped views by type.

An example for schedule in desktop

Create custom event types and custom fields

You can create different types of events according to your own workflow.

You can add many different types of fields such as talent, staff, client, text, file, date, location, phone to an event type you create.

An example for event types and custom fields

Everybody gets instant notifications for event updates

Talents and all staff in the agency receive instant notifications about the changes related to the events that they have been added.

They can see the old and new versions of the changed fields in the notification.

An example for notifications

Add contact information to client profiles and use them in the events

You can add contact information such as e-mail, address and phone to your customers' profiles.

You can use the contact information you add while organizing events without having to withdraw from the customer and re-enter them.

An example for getting contact info from a client

Filter events by talents staff, clients and date ranges

You can view events by filtering by talents, staff or customers. You can also make your filtering more specific by limiting it to a specific date range.

It is very useful for setting dates for new events or for use in accounting processes.

Add notes that only the people you choose will see

You can add notes to events, talent or staff profiles that will only be visible to the people or groups you choose.

This way, you can make event details visible only to staff members that your talents shouldn't see. Or you can set the price information so that only your talent can see it.

Set who can see which fields

You can restrict the visibility of events themselves or field types in events for account types.

For example, you can prevent a group of talents from seeing their event addresses, or limit the events they can see in the future to a certain number of days.


Upload all the portfolio of your talents, create collections, news posts and packs.

Reach them anywhere, and share them easily with a link.

An example for portfolio

Create collections , news posts and packs , all categorized without duplicates

You can upload photos and videos of your talents to their portfolios and create collections and news posts with these contents. You can then group them together to create packages.

You can upload the content once and use it in several collections at the same time. This way you can avoid multiple uploads.

An example for getting contact info from a client

Never send images and videos back and forth between your computer and phone again.

You can easily upload or download photos and videos from any mobile or desktop device.

In this way, you can view or download content from the application to share without dealing with transfer between devices.

An example for getting contact info from a client

Get portfolio share links for one or multiple talents.
Share their portfolio anywhere, easily.

Easily share the portfolio sharing links you have created on the application in messaging applications such as WhatsApp.

Your customers can open your links on web or mobile.

The shared links include, apart from portfolios, the agency's logo and contact information, talent metrics and downloadable files. In this way, you can transmit all the information about your talents with a single link.

An example for getting contact info from a client

Update your existing share link content without needing create a new link

You can update the link you gave to your customers if there is talent or portfolio content that has been accidentally added or forgotten to be added in the links you send to your customers. You can access up-to-date content from the same link.

Share videos of any length without loss of quality

Frava makes it easiest to share videos using its own video infrastructure.

Upload videos of any length without sacrificing quality, and Frava will show your videos in the highest quality possible, depending on the device being viewed.

Add content such as Setcard as downloadable to links

Your customers can download their portfolio content, you can also restrict it if you wish. You can also add special content like setcard as downloadable, they are listed separately and can be downloaded with one click.


Store all files categorized for talent, staff, and customers, access and download anywhere you need them.

View variety of file formats like pdf, excel, word, jpg, mp4 and many more directly in the application.

An example for files

Every talent, client and staff has separate files sections

Don't bother looking for where your files are on your computer. Don't waste time creating separate folders for everything. Everyone at Frava has a files section on their profile that you can use for them.

This way you can easily classify and search files.

An example for separate file sections

View different file types directly without leaving the app

You can also view many files on devices that do not have the appropriate application to open the files.

Don't bother downloading to view your contracts, setcards, invoices or statements. Easily review content within the app, download and restore only when you need to edit it, keeping your files up to date for everyone.

An example for separate file sections

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use the app on both desktop and mobile?

    Yes you can use the app on desktop via a web browser like Chrome or Safari, on mobile you can use our mobile app by downloading from google play or app store.

  • Are app features differing between web and mobile?

    No, you can do all the things you do on web/desktop on the mobile app.

  • Do my customers need mobile app to see shared portfolio?

    No, they do not need any app the see shared portfolios. They can open link on desktop or mobile browser and directly view portfolios.

  • Can I limit what talents or staff can see within the app?

    Yes, you can easily filter what talents can see on the app. You can limit visibility of the future days, types of fields in the events etc. You can also create different groups to give different privileges to different people in your agency.

  • How talents and staff use app?

    You create user accounts for them in the application, they can log in to the mobile or web with their account and use the application.

  • Can I edit excel or word files in the app?

    No, you can view excel, word, pdf and most of the file types in the app but to edit you should download and open with appropriate app. After you edit you can upload back to replace it.