All the digital needs of your agency in one application

As Frava, we aim to streamline your work within the team, facilitate communication with your models, and enable you to better represent your agency to your customers with the tools we offer.

Well suited tools for scheduling and management

A booker adding a talent's work using Frava's scheduling feature

Booking Software

Booking and Calendar Solution that Designed for Modeling Agencies

You can add all your events such as cast, option, job to Frava with all the details you need. Its much easy to use and more adaptive to your agencies needs compared to a classical calendar application.

The details of a notification that a talent received about that event on a phone

Push Notifications

Make intra-agency communication fast and effortless with notifications

With notifications, you don't have to deal with sending information and updates about events by e-mail or message, the whole agency is instantly informed about everything.

A booker on a phone, checking a talent's profile

Profile Management

Talent, staff and client management system for agencies

With Frava, you can collect all the information, media, and files related to your talent, staff and client in one place and access them from any device. You can easily access as whole team from any device, filter and search in need and use in line with many features in Frava

An accountant checking the latest state of a talent's statement

Accounting Integration

Effortless and Automated Accounting for Agencies

Our accounting module is fully integrated with our scheduling system and it automatically creates; statements for your models, business summaries with your clients, and prepares monthly accounting summaries of your agency.

Easy and professional looking marketing features

A customer checking a list of talents on a share link created via Frava

Portfolio Link

Send photos and videos of your multiple talents with a single link.

Present your talents with our dynamic and easy to use portfolio share links. Frava allows you to create "share links" with a list of talents and their portfolio in it. You can share as much talents as you want, let your customers download the shared content, and you can even change the link's content later without changing the link itself.

A booker sending an email using Frava

Bulk Mail

Send your presentation or request e-mails to thousands with one click.

Bulk mails lets you to send email to thousands of clients from your own email address with a single click. Frava provides quick email templates and gets all images and auto fill all images and info about your talents. Also after sent you can see delivery, open, and click statistics for each mail.

A booker preparing a composite card of a talent using Frava

Composite Card

Generate Composites and PDF Presentations Without A Design Tool

Frava provides a simple, yet powerful interface to create your composite cards and PDF presentations with a single click and, therefore, removing your dependency on a graphic designer. Instead of waiting for a third party to create your documents, use your existing content on talents' portfolio's and create your files within seconds.

A talent's website settings on a table with the same view on a phone

Website Management

Easy and integrated interface for website content management

Our website API allows you to use Frava as your website content management solution You can manage the talents, downloads, news and all other pages on your site.

Utility features that streamlines your work

A person checks a talent's files section on a phone

File Storage

Securely Store Your Files, Access Them From Anywhere As A Team

Upload and download any type of file using Frava and directly access them as a team from both your computer and your mobile device. Frava will not only serve them to everyone on the team but also make it possible to view a huge variety of files without even downloading.

A driver checking it's schedule for the day on his mobile phone

Mobile App

Access all features from the mobile app, easily work on the go

Our mobile app provides the exact same feature set on your mobile devices and tables. Got a last minute call and need to change your schedule? Your photographer sent new photos through WhatsApp? Without the need of a computer, you can simply make any change on your phone and call it a day.

Discover our use cases and how Frava makes it easy for agencies

Respect Models' Logo
Respect Models
Our team can see, filter and update calendar from their devices. It saved 3x time for us when we do availability checks. We also do not waste time to send daily programs and event updates anymore. It is magically automatic.

Respect Models was using spreadsheets and manual notes for booking management and daily scheduling. This was slowing down their communication between bookers and it was extra work to keep talents updated. They transitioned to Frava Booking Software and they have made their workflow quite fast and easy.

Option Istanbul's Logo
Option Istanbul
It was taking more than 5 min to curate a presentation mail but now it is only 30 sec to send portfolio presentations to our customers.

Option Istanbul was using drive links, mail attachments or WeTransfer for sending media to their customers. Uploading the content most of the time was slowing down bookers. Client's was presented with bad, not suited user interfaces of file share tools and needed to download the content or see less quality images and videos. Now they use Frava Portfolio Links and they send beautiful presentations with snap of their fingers on any device.

Cool Models' Logo
Cool Models
Generating model statements manually required extra workload and the need for constant synchronization with the calendar. Now everything is automatic and we can follow the financial situation of the entire agency instantly.

Cool models used Google Calendar for scheduling and Microsoft Excel for accounting. They kept separate tables for each model and customer and manually synced them to the calendar. By transferring both their calendars and accounting to Frava, they got rid of all the synchronization burden, and they also became able to easily analyze monthly status with automatically generated summary financial statements.

UC Models' Logo
UC Models
Frava created a great branding and website for us. They set up our emails and Frava integration. It was a quick and hustle free start for our agency.

UC Models aimed to create a new brand in the sector with its experienced team. We created logo and branding, a great website and helped for other needs like email services. With Frava integration beside using all features of it, they easily manage their website on Frava too.

Trusted by Great Agencies

We grow with our customers, and our customers grow with us. Many agencies use Frava at the center of all their operations.

As Frava, we understand the processes that agencies can make efficient in their work with digital tools and the use of appropriate applications made for agencies. We strive to keep our product range as broad as possible, creating a positive benefit for each agency.

Cool Model's
Option İstanbul
Respect Models
Snoop Models
Stella Models
The Casting Killer
UC Models
Velvet Models
Many More...

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